Discover Bridgit Mendler’s Surprising New Venture: From Pop Star to Tech CEO

Bridgit Mendler, renowned for her performances in Disney’s “Good Luck Charlie” and the movie “Lemonade Mouth,” is now taking on the role of CEO at her new venture, Northwood Space.

Bridgit Mendler has stepped up as the chief executive of Northwood Space. This innovative company is set to create ground stations that will link with satellites, facilitating communication with Earth. She shared this exciting news via a tweet on Monday.

Northwood Space Launch and Funding

The company’s mission is to establish a robust communication network between our planet and outer space. According to Mendler’s conversation with CNBC, the focus is on the swift production and installation of these stations to support the burgeoning data needs of the expanding space sector.

With an impressive $6.3 million kick-start in funding, Northwood Space has garnered support from notable investors such as Founders Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, and Also Capital.

Mendler’s passion for space law blossomed during her tenure at the FCC’s Space Bureau in 2022, as seen on her LinkedIn. The concept for Northwood Space was born amidst the pandemic, a joint effort with her spouse and co-founder, engineer Griffin Cleverly.

Later this year, the company plans to conduct its inaugural satellite connection trial.

“Although accessing space is becoming more straightforward, the challenge lies in the actual transmission of data to and from space,” Mendler explained to CNBC.

Bridgit Mendler Early Life

Bridgit Mendler’s journey started in Washington D.C., where she was born. Her childhood was a blend of creativity and curiosity, which later blossomed into her multifaceted career. From a young age, Mendler showed an affinity for the arts, participating in local plays and performances.

Growing up, Mendler moved across the United States, which enriched her experiences and broadened her perspectives. These diverse experiences played a pivotal role in shaping her artistic talents.

Academic Pursuits of Bridgit Mendler

Education was always a priority for Bridgit Mendler. She balanced her acting commitments with her studies, demonstrating a strong dedication to both. Mendler attended a local public school before transitioning to online schooling, which allowed her to manage her burgeoning acting career alongside her education.

Higher Learning

Mendler’s thirst for knowledge led her to pursue higher education at the prestigious University of Southern California (USC). There, she studied Anthropology, a subject that allowed her to explore the depths of human societies and cultures, further enriching her understanding of the world.

Academic Excellence

Mendler’s passion for learning led her to pursue and complete a PhD. Her research at MIT’s Center for Constructive Communications and Social Machines group has positioned her at the forefront of technological innovation3. In 2024, she furthered her education by earning a JD from Harvard Law School, showcasing her dedication to continuous growth and development.

Bridgit Mendler Career

Bridgit Mendler first captured hearts as a child actress, with her initial roles in movies like “Alice Upside Down” and “The Clique.”

Her big break came when she joined the Disney Channel family, portraying Juliet van Heusen on “Wizards of Waverly Place,” and later, the memorable Olivia White in “Lemonade Mouth.”

Her most notable role was as Teddy Duncan in the hit series “Good Luck Charlie,” which aired from 2010 to 2014.

A Flourishing Music Career

Mendler’s talents extend to music, where she made her mark with the soundtrack of “Lemonade Mouth.”

Bridgit Mendler Career

Signing with Hollywood Records, she released her debut album “Hello My Name Is…” which included the platinum hit single “Ready or Not.” Her musical journey continued with two concert tours and the independent release of her EP “Nemesis” under the Black Box record label.

Bridgit Mendler’s Family Life

Bridgit Mendler’s personal life is as fulfilling as her professional one.

She married Griffin Cleverly, an engineer with a background in mechanical and electrical engineering, in 2019.

The couple shares a passion for innovation, which is evident in their joint venture, Northwood Space, where Mendler serves as CEO and Cleverly as Chief Technology Officer.

Bridgit Mendler Embracing Parenthood

The couple expanded their family by adopting a four-year-old boy in 2022, after fostering him since 2021. This new chapter has brought immense joy to their lives, as Mendler expressed her delight in becoming a mother to her son.

Bridgit Mendler’s Family Life

Bridgit Mendler Age and Experience

At the age of 31, Bridgit Mendler has already lived a life full of artistic expression and academic achievement1. Her journey began on December 18, 1992, and since then, she has graced the world with her multifaceted talents.

Bridgit Mendler Net Worth

Mendler’s endeavors in the entertainment industry have culminated in a net worth estimated at $2 million. This financial success is a testament to her hard work and the impact she has made on her fans worldwide.


Bridgit Mendler has always kept her fans on the edge of their seats with hints of big news. Her cryptic tweet in November 2022, simply stating “hello world,” sent waves of excitement through her fanbase, evidenced by a whopping 140,000 likes.

Her follow-up message, urging fans to “sit tight for news,” added to the anticipation with over 80,000 likes.

A year later, she intrigued her followers further by revealing that the anticipated announcement might be unexpected.

This wasn’t the first time Mendler sparked curiosity; an audio snippet shared in April 2021 had already attracted 50,000 likes, fueling speculation of new music on the horizon. However, with the launch of Northwood Space, Mendler playfully engaged with her audience, hinting at the innovative possibilities of satellite radio, and perhaps, a new avenue for her to channel her creativity.

Bridgit Mendler’s journey continues to surprise and delight, as she ventures beyond the conventional and into the stars.

FAQs about Bridgit Mendler

Who is Bridgit Mendler?

Bridgit Mendler is an American actress, singer-songwriter, and business executive. She gained fame as a child actress with roles in films like “Alice Upside Down” and “The Clique,” and later starred in Disney Channel’s “Good Luck Charlie” and “Lemonade Mouth.” Recently, she has become the CEO of a satellite data startup, Northwood Space.

What is Bridgit Mendler’s role at Northwood Space?

Bridgit Mendler serves as the CEO of Northwood Space, a company that aims to build a “data highway between Earth and space.” The startup focuses on producing ground stations to facilitate the transfer of a large amount of data as the space industry grows.

How did Bridgit Mendler become interested in space law?

Mendler developed an interest in space law during her work at the Federal Communications Commission’s Space Bureau in 2022. She has expressed her passion for the field and has incorporated this interest into her work with Northwood Space.

What are some of Bridgit Mendler’s achievements in music?

Bridgit Mendler has had a successful music career with hits like “Ready or Not,” which has over 275 million Spotify streams. She has released an album and an EP, “Nemesis,” and has gone on two concert tours.

Has Bridgit Mendler pursued higher education?

Yes, Bridgit Mendler has pursued higher education. She studied Anthropology at the University of Southern California and later completed a PhD. In 2024, she earned a JD from Harvard Law School, showcasing her commitment to academic excellence.

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