Brighton Butler Divorce: The Truth Behind the Split

Introduction Celebrities’ marriages are always thrilling, but divorces are equally upsetting. One such case is Brighton Butler divorce, which has been trending on the internet. Brighton Butler is a well-known name in the fashion industry, as she is a successful influencer and fashion blogger.

She made the news when she decided to end her marriage with Duncan Butler. The exact reason for this decision is still unknown, but there are some rumors about what went wrong. Some people claim there was cheating, while others say they had different ways of raising their children.

In this article, we will explore Brighton Butler divorce causes, speculations, Brighton’s career, parenting style, and everything you need to know about her husband.

The Truth Behind Brighton Butler Divorce

The rumors are not false, they are confirmed. The couple decided to split up and followed the legal process. They filed for divorce in May 2023, but the news became viral recently.

Many people were shocked by Brighton Butler divorce with Duncan Butler, as the couple looked very much in love. This also led to some speculation. According to our sources, the couple is still attending court hearings, trials, and discussing their terms.

There is no final verdict yet. We are not sure who will get the custody and how they will handle their parenting after the divorce.

The couple is keeping quiet about this personal issue and we think we should respect that and give them some space for now.

Possible Reasons for Brighton Butler Divorce

It is clear now that the vows that the couple made did not last long. There are many speculations about Brighton Butler Divorce. Although most of the details are still hidden, there are some guesses we can make.

The couple faced some challenges while going through their court trials and custody disputes. Neither of them announced their divorce publicly. But Brighton removed her ring and followers were fast to infer that the couple had officially separated. After that, the news started spreading.

There was a whole discussion on Reddit where their divorce was talked about. People made many claims. However, a source defended Brighton and said that Duncan was an addict and Brighton had suffered his abusive behavior for a long time.

Duncan had many warning signs, and people are quick to say now that the couple married too soon but they acted like they were madly in love with each other.

Are you also one of those who thought Duncan Butler’s disappearance was strange? As many of us were curious about his location. He is reportedly staying in rehab because of his drug addiction. He was also not financially stable, so there are many reasons for their relationship failing.

Who Is Brighton Butler?

She was not famous because of the recent news. Brighton already had a huge fan base because of her blog, ‘’Brighton The Day”. Brighton was born in the USA on October 24th, 1991. However, you may see different birth dates from different sources, but this one seems more accurate.

Is she educated besides having a great sense of fashion? Yes, she has a bachelor’s in Business and is doing well in her blogging career. She always wanted to work on Wall Street, but her interests changed along her way.

Does Brighton come from a broken family? Not at all, she grew up in a caring family. Her father was a real estate agent while her mother was a professional lawyer. Besides that, she started a business and launched a shoe line. It sparked an interest in Brighton to get involved in fashion.

She is a strong-minded woman and her recent events show how resilient she is despite going through a hard time in life.

Brighton Butler’s Career Journey

How did Brighton Butler start her career?

She officially began in 2011, when her friends talked about it. She had no idea about it then but now she’s a fashion icon, all thanks to her commitment and honesty to her profession.

As we know she had a business degree and wanted to follow business like her parents. But fate had other plans for her. Her mother’s Italian shoe line launch made her more eager to join the fashion world.

Her fashion blog, ‘Brighton The Day’ started flourishing since it was launched back in 2011. The fashion blog not only covers fashion, but also beauty, traveling, and some personal insights.

Apart from blogging, Brighton has been famous as an influencer. Her blogs and fashion tips have become a motivation for women all over the world.

Her career path doesn’t stop here, she’s officially the co-founder of an NGO that collects funds for Hurricane Katrina’s damage, Les Filles a La Mode.

Brighton Butler Divorce did not hinder her from advancing her career and that’s what we admire about this strong woman. More power to her!

How Brighton Butler Divorce Affected Her Children

Some of you may think that Brighton Butler Divorce may damage her relationship with her children. But that is not the case. She has two lovely children. A son named Charlie who was born in 2018, and a daughter named Four who was born in 2021.

She appeared to have a close bond with both of her children. She has taken her motherhood very seriously and makes her children her first priority.

She sometimes shares her TikTok videos as Instagram posts with her children where they are either having fun or doing some small tasks. They seem to have a strong connection. They enjoy life’s simple activities and show their true love.

Duncan also used to share moments of his relationship with his children when he was playing golf with his son and spending quality time.

How Brighton Butler Divorce Affected Her Children

Who Is Brighton Butler’s Husband?

Brighton’s fans have been curious about her husband since they married in 2020 in Texas. The couple looked very much in love and posted many lovely pictures on social media.

As public figures’ lives reveal their personalities, Brighton’s blog shows how caring and family-oriented she is in real life.

Brighton’s husband, Duncan Butler, is an entrepreneur and a lawyer according to the information we have collected so far. They shared pictures with their children where they both showered them with affection. Her husband supported her a lot to run her blog before things turned sour.

But since Brighton Butler divorce news started making waves on the internet, netizens can’t help pointing out how Brighton married too quickly. How she deserved someone better. Duncan is reportedly an addict, staying in rehab, and is not financially stable right now.

How Much Is Brighton Butler Worth?

Brighton Butler is very popular because of her popular fashion blog, which has made fans wonder about how much she earns. Her estimated net worth is $5M according to last year’s reports.

Her source of income is her blogs, paid partnerships with high-end brands, advertisements, and events and campaigns. She has a huge organic fan base on her social media and website.


To sum up the fashion blogger Brighton Butler divorce, we have several guesses. All blaming her and making her husband a bad guy. The couple officially got married in 2020 but didn’t stay long and they filed for divorce back in May 2023.

However, the reason has remained a secret for fans. Some say he was an addict, abusive and Brighton was unhappy. But her social media posts suggest otherwise, but who knows!

Take a closer look to know all about Brighton Butler divorce, and which guess seemed true to you? Are you sad by their breakup, share your opinion with us!

FAQs for a Quick Recap

Who is Brighton Butler?

A: Brighton Butler is a famous fashion blogger and influencer who runs a blog called Brighton The Day. She covers topics such as fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. She is also the co-founder of an NGO that raises funds for Hurricane Katrina’s victims.

Who is Duncan Butler?

A: Duncan Butler is the ex-husband of Brighton Butler. He is an entrepreneur and a lawyer who worked with Brighton on her blog. He is also the father of their two children, Charlie and Four.

When did Brighton and Duncan get married and divorced?

A: Brighton and Duncan got married on January 25th, 2020 in Austin, Texas. They filed for divorce on May 2nd, 2023 and are currently going through the legal process.

What are the reasons for Brighton Butler divorce?

A: The exact reasons for Brighton Butler divorce are not known, as the couple has kept quiet about their personal issue. However, there are some rumors and speculations about what went wrong in their relationship. Some people claim that Duncan was an addict, abusive, and financially unstable. Others say that they had different parenting styles and goals.

How did Brighton Butler divorce affect her children?

A: Brighton Butler divorce did not damage her relationship with her children. She has a close bond with both of her children and makes them her first priority. She sometimes shares videos and posts with her children on social media, showing their love and fun. Duncan also used to spend quality time with his children before the divorce.

How much is Brighton Butler worth?

A: Brighton Butler is very popular and successful in her career. Her estimated net worth is $5M according to some websites. Her source of income is her blog, paid partnerships with high-end brands, advertisements, and events and campaigns. She has a huge organic fan base on her social media and website.

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