Is Furla Made In China? The Surprising Facts Uncovered

Furla is an Italian luxury brand that specializes in leather handbags and accessories. The brand has a long history of excellence and elegance, dating back to 1927.

However, some consumers may be surprised to learn that Furla produces a significant portion of its products in China. Does this affect the quality and reputation of the brand?

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Furla’s production choice, the advantages and challenges it brings, and how it impacts the brand’s quality standards and customer satisfaction.

Why is Furla Made In China

Furla’s decision to manufacture in China was not a random or hasty one. It was a strategic move that considered several factors, such as:


China offers lower labor costs and production expenses than other countries, allowing Furla to create its products more affordably and competitively.

Why is Furla Made In China


China has a well-developed and efficient manufacturing infrastructure, with modern facilities, technology, and supply chains. This enables Furla to meet the increasing demand for its products and deliver them on time worldwide.


China has a large pool of skilled and experienced artisans and workers who can craft Furla’s products with precision and care. Furla leverages this expertise to ensure its products meet its high-quality standards.

Market access:

China is a huge and growing market for luxury goods, with a large and affluent population. Furla’s local production allows it to cater to the Chinese consumers’ preferences and tastes, as well as avoid high tariffs and logistical issues that come with importing goods.

    How Furla Maintains Its Quality Standards In China

    Furla’s production in China does not compromise its quality standards. On the contrary, Furla implements rigorous quality control measures in all its factories, including those in China.

    These measures include:

    Material selection:

    Furla only uses premium materials for its products, such as high-quality leather, fabrics, hardware, and accessories. Furla sources these materials from reputable suppliers and inspects them thoroughly before using them.

    Product testing:

    Furla tests its products extensively during and after production, checking for durability, functionality, appearance, and performance. Furla also complies with international safety and environmental standards for its products.

    Design compliance:

    Furla ensures that its products follow its original designs and specifications, without any deviations or alterations. Furla also protects its intellectual property and unique designs from counterfeiting and imitation.

    How Furla’s Customers React To Its Production In China

      How Furla’s Customers React To Its Production In China

      Furla’s customers are loyal and satisfied with its products, regardless of where they are made. Furla’s customers appreciate the brand’s quality, style, and value, and trust that Furla delivers on its promises.

      Furla’s customers also recognize that Furla’s production in China is a strategic and beneficial choice, not a sign of quality decline or brand dilution. Furla’s customers understand that Furla’s production in China is a way of adapting to the changing global market and staying ahead of the competition.

      Conclusion: Is Furla Made In China, A Smart And Successful Choice

      Furla’s production in China is a smart and successful choice that enhances the brand’s quality and reputation.

      By taking advantage of China’s manufacturing strengths and overcoming its challenges, Furla ensures that its products uphold its high standards of excellence and elegance.

      Furla’s customers can enjoy the same quality and style of Furla’s products, whether they are made in Italy, China, or elsewhere.

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