Shook by Slang? Test Your TikTok Lingo

Hey there, TikTok fans!

Feeling a little “shook” by all the slang flying around? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! From “litty AF” to “bussin'”, the lingo on TikTok moves faster than a viral dance challenge. But fear not, language lovers! This quiz is here to help you crack the code and become a true TikTok vocab “mastermind.”

So, ready to “level up” your FYP fluency? Get ready to answer some fun questions about the hottest TikTok slang. No dictionaries allowed, just your pure knowledge and maybe a sprinkle of intuition.

Let’s see if you can “slay” this quiz and walk away like a total TikTok wordsmith!

[watupro 15]

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