Young Sheldon Star Iain Armitage Says Goodbye: “Couldn’t Have Asked for a Better Way to Grow Up

The young star, who was only 8 when he tried out for the comedy show, shares how he enjoyed his “wonderful” childhood. Young Sheldon is coming to an end, and Iain Armitage is looking back at the past seven years and what’s next for him.

The actor, who is now 15, was 8 when he auditioned for the role of Sheldon Cooper, the younger version of Jim Parsons’ character from The Big Bang Theory.

Young Sheldon Actor Reflects on Final Season

As the final season of Young Sheldon airs, Iain Armitage looks back at his journey on the show and how it shaped his life. The actor, who started playing the role of Sheldon Cooper when he was only 8 years old, says he feels grateful for the opportunity and the people he worked with.

“It’s been such a wonderful experience, and I’ve learned so much from everyone on the show, from the writers to the directors to the cast and crew. They have been like a family to me, and I will miss them a lot,” he says.

Young Sheldon Actor Reflects on Final Season

Armitage also says he is proud of the show and the character he portrayed, who is the younger version of Jim Parsons’ iconic role from The Big Bang Theory. He says he enjoyed bringing Sheldon’s quirks, humor, and intelligence to life on the screen.

“I think Sheldon is a very unique and special character, and I’m honored to have played him for seven years. He has a lot of challenges, but he also has a lot of strengths, and he always tries to do his best. He is very funny, very smart, and very curious, and I think those are great qualities to have,” he says.

Iain Armitage Future Acting Plans

After the end of Young Sheldon, Iain Armitage says he is excited to explore new acting opportunities and challenges. He says he would like to do something very different from the comedy show and the character he has been playing for half of his life.

“I love comedy, and I love Young Sheldon, but I also want to try new things and expand my range as an actor. I would love to do something dramatic, or something action-packed, or something sci-fi, or something indie. Just something that is totally opposite from Sheldon in every way,” he says.

He also says he is open to working on different platforms and mediums, such as movies, streaming services, or theater. He says he is interested in working with different directors, writers, and actors, and learning from them.

Iain Armitage Future Acting Plans

“I think there are so many amazing stories and projects out there, and I would love to be part of them. I think it would be fun and challenging to work on different types of projects and genres, and to work with different people who have different visions and styles. I think that would help me grow as an actor and as a person,” he says.

Iain Armitage Voices Shaggy in Scooby Doo Movie

One of the projects that Iain Armitage has been working on is the upcoming animated movie Scoob!: Holiday Haunt, where he voices the character of Shaggy, the best friend of Scooby Doo. He says he had a blast working on the movie, which has a Christmas theme and a star-studded cast.

“It was so much fun to voice Shaggy, because he is such a cool and lovable character. He is always hungry, always scared, always loyal, and always funny. He has a great friendship with Scooby Doo, and they go on all kinds of adventures and mysteries together,” he says.

He also says he was thrilled to work with some of his favorite actors, such as Mark Hamill, Ming-Na Wen, Cristo Fernandez, and the late Andre Braugher, who voice other characters in the movie. He says he learned a lot from them and enjoyed their performances.

“I was so honored and excited to work with such amazing actors, who I admire and respect so much. They are all so talented and professional, and they brought so much life and personality to their characters. I think they did a fantastic job, and I can’t wait for everyone to see the movie,” he says.

Iain Armitage Voices Shaggy in Scooby Doo Movie

Young Sheldon Star Wants to Do Indie Film

Another type of project that Iain Armitage says he would love to do is an indie film. He says he is fascinated by the creative and artistic aspects of independent filmmaking, and he would like to be part of one someday.

“I think indie films are very cool and interesting, because they are usually more original and experimental than mainstream films. They have more freedom and flexibility to tell different kinds of stories and to explore different themes and topics. They also have more opportunities to showcase new and diverse voices and perspectives,” he says.

He also says he is inspired by some of his favorite indie films and filmmakers, such as Moonlight, Lady Bird, The Florida Project, and Wes Anderson. He says he would like to work with them or with similar filmmakers who have a unique vision and style.

“I think those films and filmmakers are amazing, and I love their work. They have such a distinctive and beautiful way of telling stories and creating characters. They have a lot of passion and creativity, and they make films that are meaningful and memorable. I would love to work with them or with someone like them, and to be part of an indie film that is special and impactful,” he says.

Iain Armitage Half Sheldon Half Iain

Iain Armitage says he feels a strong connection to the character of Sheldon Cooper, who he has been playing for seven years. He says he feels like he is half-Sheldon and half-Iain, and that he has adopted some of Sheldon’s traits and habits over the years.

“It’s funny, because I always kind of joke about method acting, which seems so silly to me … But it is weird. I do feel a bit like half-Sheldon, half-Iain,” he says.

Iain Armitage Half Sheldon Half Iain

He says he shares some of Sheldon’s interests and hobbies, such as science, math, chess, and comic books. He also says he sometimes acts like Sheldon in certain situations, such as being very organized, very precise, and very honest.

“I think Sheldon and I have some things in common, and I think that helps me play him better. I like some of the things he likes, and I do some of the things he does. I think he is a very interesting and fun character, and I like being him sometimes,” he says.

Taking Character Traits into Real Life After Show Ends

After the show ends, Iain Armitage says he hopes to keep some of the character traits that he learned from playing Sheldon Cooper. He says he admires some of Sheldon’s qualities, and he thinks they are useful and valuable in real life.

“I think Sheldon has some great traits that I would like to keep, such as his intelligence, his curiosity, his perseverance, and his humor. He is very smart, very curious, very determined, and very funny, and I think those are good traits to have,” he says.

Taking Character Traits into Real Life After Show Ends

He also says he hopes to keep some of the lessons that he learned from playing Sheldon, such as being more open-minded, more compassionate, and more respectful of others. He says he learned a lot from Sheldon’s journey and growth on the show, and he wants to apply them to his own life.

“I think Sheldon has also taught me some important lessons, such as being more accepting, more caring, and more polite to others. He has changed a lot over the years, and he has become more aware and more understanding of other people’s feelings and opinions. He has also become more friendly and more social, and he has made some good friends. I think those are good lessons to learn, and I want to keep them in my life,” he says.


Who is Ian Armitage?

Ian Armitage is an American child actor who is best known for playing Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon, a spin-off prequel to The Big Bang Theory, and Ziggy Chapman in Big Little Lies, an HBO miniseries. He has also voiced Shaggy in Scoob! and Chase in PAW Patrol: The Movie.

How old is Ian Armitage and when was he born?

Ian Armitage is 15 years old as of 2024. He was born on July 15, 2008 in Georgia, USA.

What are some of the awards and nominations that Ian Armitage has received?

Ian Armitage has received several awards and nominations for his acting, such as the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series – Leading Young Actor for Young Sheldon in 2018, the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Young Performer for Big Little Lies in 2018 and 2020, and the Gold Derby TV Award for Breakthrough Performer of the Year in 2018.

Who are Ian Armitage’s parents and relatives?

Ian Armitage’s parents are Euan Morton, a Scottish actor, and Lee Armitage, a theater producer. He is the grandson of Richard Lee Armitage, a former United States Deputy Secretary of State.

What are some of the hobbies and interests that Ian Armitage has?

Ian Armitage loves theater and musicals, and he has a YouTube series called Iain Loves Theatre where he reviews stage shows. He also likes science, math, chess, and comic books, which he shares with his character Sheldon. He is also interested in doing different types of acting projects, such as drama, action, sci-fi, or indie films.

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