YouTube TV Channel List: What You Need to Know

If you are tired of paying too much for regular TV cable services, you can switch to YouTube TV channel list with affordable prices. This live streaming service offers you a wide range of channels to choose from. You can cut the cable cord and enjoy YouTube TV instead.

YouTube TV is the ideal streaming platform for you if you like entertainment, sports, and news. It provides you with live content from more than 100 channels. The basic plan is $73/month, which lets you use accounts, but only three can stream at the same time. You can also add more channels for an extra $2-$30/month.

However, it can be hard to understand the YouTube TV channel list, so this article will give you detailed information about the types of channels, the devices you can use, and the price of each plan.

Types of Channels on YouTube TV

Do you want to know what kind of channels you can watch on YouTube TV? We have a complete list of categories for you to explore and find the ones that match your interests.

Enjoy Entertainment with YouTube TV Channel List

If you are interested in cooking, music, history, and romance, you will find many channels to entertain you on YouTube TV. It offers the same services as cable and live streaming networks, but at a reasonable price. Here are some of the channels you can enjoy:

Sports on YouTube TV Channel List

If you are a sports fan and looking for the best sports channels on YouTube TV, you will not be disappointed. This platform has everything you need. The basic plan includes more than 15 sports channels, such as:

  • NBA TV
  • Big Ten Network
  • CBS Sports Network
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • Fox Sports 1
  • Fox Sports 2
  • Golf Channel
  • NBC Sports Network
  • Olympic Channel
  • SEC Network
  • Tennis Channel

Add More Channels on YouTube TV Channel List

If you want more sports channels, you can opt for the Sports Plus package, which costs an extra $11/month on top of the basic plan. It includes the following channels:

  • VSiN
  • Stadium
  • PlayersTV
  • PokerGO+
  • SportsGrid
  • NGL RedZone
  • GOL TV
  • Fox Soccer Plus
  • Billiard TV
  • MAVTV Motorsports Network
  • Outside TV+
  • TVG / TVG2

You can also watch NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, Tennis, Golf, college sports, and much more, all with live streaming. You can also watch regional networks without any hassle.

How to Watch Local Channels on YouTube TV

If you want to watch local channels based on weather, sports, and news, YouTube TV can be a great option for you. You can access local channels by entering your Zip code on YouTube’s website and seeing which channels are available in your area. Some of the popular networks in this category are:

  • ABC 7
  • My 9
  • FOX 5
  • CBS 2
  • NJTV
  • NBC 4
  • PIX 11
  • WLIW
  • Telemundo NY

You can also use the cloud DVR service to record and save unlimited content without paying any extra fees.

Stay Informed with News on YouTube TV Channel List

One of the advantages of YouTube TV is that it offers a variety of news channels that set it apart from its competitors. You can access more than 13 news channels that will keep you informed and entertained.

  • CNBC
  • CNBC World
  • CNN
  • Cheddar
  • News Nation
  • NBC News Now
  • NECN
  • Newsy
  • FOX Business
  • FOX News Channel
  • HLN
  • NYT
  • BBC World News

You can keep up with the latest news from your region and the world by watching any of these YouTube TV channels. You can also access global analysis and commentary with ease.

Stay Informed with News on YouTube TV Channel List

Have Fun with Kids & Family Programs on YouTube TV Channel List

You can watch kids and family-friendly content on YouTube TV, from animated shows to educational programs. You will find a lot of options in this extensive collection of YouTube TV channels.

  • Disney XD
  • Nickelodeon
  • Nick Jr.
  • PBS Kids
  • TeenNick
  • Disney Channel
  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney Junior
  • Boomerang
  • Universal Kids
  • Baby TV

What Devices Can You Use to Watch YouTube TV Channel List

You can watch YouTube TV channel list on various devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and computers. You can also use other streaming devices, such as:

  • Apple TV
  • Vizio SmartCast TVs
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • PS4 & PS4 Pro
  • Android tablets
  • Hisense TV (4th Gen)
  • Android smartphones
  • iOS devices
  • Roku
  • PlayStation
  • Samsung & LG smart TVs
  • Xbox

You can also download content and watch it offline. You can use up to 6 devices with different profiles, but only three can stream at the same time.

Why You Should Try YouTube TV

Are you curious about YouTube TV channel list and want to give it a try? Is it worth the hype and the money? The answer is yes. It is a very popular streaming platform with millions of satisfied users.

  • Variety This powerful platform offers you hundreds of YouTube TV cable-like channels from different categories, such as Sports, Entertainment, News, and more for $64.99/month.
  • Quality If you want to get rid of cable, but don’t want to lose any features, YouTube TV is the best option for you. It has amazing features, content, and usability that rival cable networks.
  • Compatibility It works with many devices, but only allows three streams at the same time. This makes it a very compatible option for users.
  • Customization A basic plan has a lot of great features, but if you want more, you can go for Add-on options. You can access premium channels that will surprise you and you can customize your plan as much as you want.

How Much Does YouTube TV Channel List Cost

You might be curious about the price now. Is it more expensive than its competitors? No, it is not pricey compared to other streaming services. It has a standard plan that costs $64.99/month. Before this price, it was $40 and then $50.

At first, there were more than 85 channels available, but with the changes in the streaming platform, new channels were added that raised the price.

Besides many channels, users can access unlimited DVR space, pause mode, fast forward, and stream up to 6 accounts, all customized to the user’s preference. The good thing is that it is not based on a contract, so you can cancel this plan anytime you want.

However, the price may go up if you choose Add-ons, so the costs vary accordingly.


To sum up, the YouTube TV Channel list lets you access more than 100 channels that you can stream with cloud DVR space and other features that make YouTube TV a great choice.

Users can access channels from different categories with a standard plan of $65, but they can also buy Add-ons with extra fees. It allows you to use 6 accounts with personalized profiles and separate cloud space in one household, but only three can stream at the same time.

Take a closer look at it and understand its details and share your honest opinion with us. Have you ever tried it? Tell us what you would like to read next and we will surely deliver it.

FAQs on YouTube TV Channel List

What channels are available on YouTube TV Channel List?

YouTube TV offers many local and global channel categories, such as Entertainment, Food, Kids, Sports, and News, such as HGTV, TNT, FOX, and NBC, etc.

How much is YouTube TV for 1 year?

YouTube does not have an annual plan, you can only have a monthly plan of $64.99, but if you multiply it by 12, it costs you about $875.88.

How does YouTube TV compare to other streaming services?

YouTube TV is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly streaming services available. It offers more than 100 channels, including local and national networks, sports, news, entertainment, and more. It also has unlimited cloud DVR storage, personalized profiles, and no contracts. Compared to other streaming services, YouTube TV has a higher price, but also more features and channels. It is a good option for cord-cutters who want a cable-like experience without the hassle.

Can I watch YouTube TV Channel List  on my smart TV?

Yes, you can watch YouTube TV on your smart TV, as long as it is compatible with the YouTube TV app. You can also use a streaming device, such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV, to watch YouTube TV on your TV. You can check the list of supported devices here.

How many devices can I stream at once?

You can stream YouTube TV on up to three devices at the same time, using the same account. You can also create up to six profiles for different members of your household, each with their own preferences and recordings.

What is the difference between YouTube TV and other streaming services?

YouTube TV is different from other streaming services in several ways. First, it is a live TV service, which means you can watch the same channels and programs as you would on cable or satellite TV. Second, it has a cloud DVR feature, which lets you record and store unlimited shows and movies for up to nine months. Third, it has a wide range of channels, covering various genres and interests. Fourth, it has a simple and intuitive interface, which makes it easy to navigate and customize.

Can I watch live sports on YouTube TV?

Yes, you can watch live sports on YouTube TV, as it has many sports channels and networks, such as ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, NBA TV, MLB Network, and more. You can also watch regional and local sports, depending on your location and availability. You can also add the Sports Plus package, which gives you access to more sports channels, such as NFL RedZone, Fox Soccer Plus, and beIN Sports. You can also use the cloud DVR feature to record and watch your favorite games later.

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